How do you use Rootgrow?
Posted by Suttons Staff on 05 June 2020 11:53 am

Rootgrow contains a mixture of natural, native mycorrhizal fungi. It also contains an inert clay carrier which acts as a substrate for the fungi to grow through. A teaspoon of Rootgrow can contain up to 5,000 pieces of fungi which spreads over the plants roots within a few days to produce a healthy, thicker root system increasing the uptake of nutrients from the soil. The fungi remains on the roots for the entire life of plant. It can be used with your seeds, bulbs and plants.

The main benefits are;

Better plant establishment.

Healthier plants with a more vigorous root system.

Improved flowering and increased cropping.

Greater drought tolerance.

One treatment helps to provide the plant with essential nutrients.

Using Rootgrow is easy, add one or two teaspoons of Rootgrow into the compost of your seed tray or pots to get your seedlings off to a good start. When planting bulbs, potted or bare root plants into the soil, sprinkle Rootgrow into the planting hole.

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