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Suttons Seeds Announces Management Buy Out (MBO)
Posted by Suttons Staff on 12 December 2014 09:04 AM

Fresh new beginnings for the 208 year old company.

The Suttons team are delighted to announce that former owner Limagrain through Vilmorin & Co, and the Torbay Council, with the Torbay Development Authority, have facilitated and supported the MBO of Suttons Consumer Products Ltd effective December 1, 2014. This is a significant agreement that combines the desire for Limagrain to find the right future for Suttons and the goals of Torbay Council to retain and promote business in the area. This deal ensures continued employment and growth for Suttons as well as providing a springboard for new business.

Multinational Limagrain has grown rapidly in recent years to be a world leader in the seeds and cereals industry. The direct to consumer activity of Suttons, became less central to their expanding core business and focus. However, as a French cooperative of grower farmers with a strong Corporate Social Responsibility ethos, Limagrain sought a strategic solution that would optimize the future prospects of Suttons, especially for its employees and their families. They have actively contributed to the MBO.

The MBO, lead by David Robinson, for 3 years Commercial Director now appointed Managing Director and Rufus Roberts, Operations Director, heralds a new era for Suttons Consumer Products and their team. Limagrain, while no longer a direct shareholder, will remain an important trading partner. Bernard Bejar, recent and popular MD of Suttons who was instrumental in the transition towards the MBO since early this year, will return to Limagrain in France.

Read the full Suttons Seeds Management Buy Out (MBO) Announcement article on the Suttons Seeds blog website.

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Introducing 'Suttons Gardening Grow How'
Posted by Suttons Staff on 05 December 2014 12:39 PM

Having been in the gardening business since 1806 Suttons has built up a vast amount of expert knowledge and advice that we should now like to share with our customers.

With the launch of Suttons Gardening Grow How we aim to create a one stop resource for the home gardener and allotment owner with feature growing guides, hints and tips, classic advice and much more.

Suttons Gardening Grow How will include:

Suttons Gardening Grow How will be kept fresh and up to date with grow with features being added each week. For those of you with an interest in history we will also be bringing you gardening articles from our archives. The information may be old but much is still relevant and all of it is interesting.

Please make sure to bookmark the page and if you have a gardening question, ask Suttons.

Suttons Gardening Grow How website [screenshot taken 05/12/14]

Suttons Gardening Grow How website screenshot

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New Suttons Customer Services telephone number
Posted by Suttons Staff on 02 June 2014 07:15 AM

Our Customer Services telephone number is now 0333 400 2899. Our orderline number remains unchanged, this is 0844 922 0606.

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Meconopsis baileyi and M. betonicifolia - Blue Poppy
Posted by Suttons Staff on 21 February 2014 10:42 AM

There has been much scientific debate about the classification of Mecanopsis species over many decades, and this debate still continues amongst botanists and taxonomists today.


The plant grows naturally over a wide area of Tibet and South West China. The first description of the plant by a Western botanist was from a plant discovered in the Yunnan province of South West China and there were subsequent discoveries and descriptions of similar plants found in Tibet.


The debate centres around whether these are distinct species or variations of the same plant. The plant also has many cultivated varieties each with its own commercial name.


Suttons is a non-political organisation which exists to supply high quality plants and services to its customers. We strive to describe and illustrate plants accurately and provide accurate and useful information to our customers. The description or names of plants in any of our marketing materials clearly carries with it no intention to convey any particular political message. The variety we have been supplying carries the name ‘China Blue’ and was named after the blue colour in porcelain and had nothing to do with its country of origin. We are therefore accurately representing this particular variety within our catalogues and website.


The beautiful Mecanopsis is, unsurprisingly, a very popular plant amongst our customers and we are already in the late stages of producing our next perennial catalogue in which we are introducing a different variety of Mecanopsis, the Mecanopsis Lingholm rather than the ‘China Blue variety.


This variety will therefore be taking the place of the ‘China Blue’ in our next catalogue and on our website.


For more information on the Meconopsis baileyi and M. betonicifolia - reclassification lease see the website and more specifically



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NEW Suttons Seeds 2014 online catalogue version
Posted by Suttons Staff on 27 September 2013 11:47 AM

We've just added an online 2014 Suttons Seeds Catalogue version so you can now browse to your hearts' content (and in full screen)

Also don't forget, to make shopping even easier with Suttons, we've added the ability to shop directly from the Suttons online catalogues. To get started, simply click the little red shopping trolley icon shown against individual items to add to your basket and shop as normal.

If you'd still like a catalogue sent to you for FREE, just request a catalogue as normal here.

Please note - Our catalogues consist of quite a pages, so please be patient whilst it loads.

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